How is Our Sea Cargo Service Different?
On-time delivery
On-time delivery
Our on-time delivery mechanism means your assignment gets to Pakistan within in the time specified. We are unbeatable when it comes to service quality.
All Pakistan Shipping
All Pakistan Shipping
We ship to everywhere in Pakistan including Mirpur and Azad Kashmir.
Dedicated Customer Service
Dedicated Customer Service
We have dedicated customer service which allows us to take our service even to a higher level and always keep you in the loop.

Send Items from UK to Pakistan By Sea

How to send shipping from the UK to Pakistan by Sea?

Sea cargo shipping is not as difficult as it was a few decades ago. These days, cargo business is booming, and sea cargo is the main reason for it. Huge masses of containers are sent daily via sea courier services. Airmail does also transport containers but the cost is too high, and it can also carry a very limited weight.

Sea cargo, on the other hand, can carry tons of containers via ships, and that too at a very cheap rate. Sea shipping is the ideal and reliable route of transporting cargo to all cities of Pakistan from any location in the UK. Cargo vessels are usually used as a mode to transport huge volumes of containers. Countries which are rich in trade all have seaports. There’s no coincidence that the majority of world trade relies on sea cargo.

A lot of advancements in sea cargo have been made. Cargo vessels these days are much faster and secure. Containers which are used for shipping are fool-proof, and items inside cannot be accessed. So, all products which are sent from one place to another using sea cargo are generally secure, and there is near to no chance of them getting lost in the middle of nowhere.

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What is Sea Cargo?

Sea cargo is defined as transporting products from one place to another using a ship which sails via a sea route. Shipping via sea has become a popular mode of transporting goods around the world, especially for heavy-duty shipping.

Due to the increasing comfort provided by sea cargo in transporting goods, one can send heavy amounts of freight, and that too in a very large quantity. Products are usually put in containers to secure them and give additional security when countered with heavy rains, storms and other natural hazards. Containers give added security to the goods that are inside them.

Sea shipping has become the King of the trade that is currently being done in the world. A huge amount of investment has been done to improve shipping services and make them more effective. Sending a lot of items in a huge quantity also saves money for the person who is transporting goods and also the company which will end up transporting those valuables that you possess.

Cargo to Pakistan Sea Cargo Services

It is the dream of every person who imports and exports goods to have his items security and timely. So, choosing an ideal cargo facility which will help to transport your products is of paramount significance.

Sea Cargo from the UK to Pakistan

A lot of goods and items are sent to Pakistan from around the world each year. Most of the trade between Pakistan and rest of the world is done via sea cargo. Those who intend to transport their goods and other belongings from any part of the UK to Pakistan can easily do so via Cargo to Pakistan.

When a person has purchased goods and intends to send them over, his first priority is keeping everything cost-effective while maintaining excellent standards of delivery as well. Cargo to Pakistan has the cheapest rates of all the competition that we have currently in the cargo market. We are the forerunner shipment corporation for all kinds of courier business services in the whole of UK as far as shipments to Pakistan are concerned. From cargo to customs, we will cover everything on our side and guarantee that your belongings are sent to the doorstep of the location that you have decided to send the goods to.

We have the best ocean distribution facilities that you can acquire. We offer many advantages and special discounts to our clients, and also certify that the items of our clients stay protected and unbroken during their excursion to their corresponding endpoints. We offer two methods of shipping via containers in sea cargo.


FCL is the abbreviation for “Full Container Load”. In this cargo shipping, you can book a whole container which will be full with your belongings, and pay the fee for the entire container. We will transport all the items to their intended endpoints in a minimal time, while ensuring the safety and protection of the items being shipped.


LCL is an abbreviation for “Less than Container Load”. This comes in handy especially when you don’t have a lot of items to send, so what you do is that you book a portion inside the container reserved for your items. There will be other items as well belonging to other cargo senders.

So, make sure to mark your products properly so that they don’t get lost during their delivery. Using LCL shipping saves a lot of money as you are not permitted to submit payments for the full container load. You are only permitted to pay for the exact portion of the container which you have booked for your belongings.

Advantages of Our Sea Cargo Service

If you want to transport a bulk of packaged goods which are of a considerable size, then courier via sea is your best bet. The main pros of sea shipping are that you can send any load of any size you want.  

The other benefit of sea shipping is cost saving. Sea shipping services are very inexpensive when comparison is made to air cargo, which makes them the ideal choice to send your products over. Cargo to Pakistan delivers the finest amounts if someone wants to ship their products over to Pakistan via sea.

Our sea cargo prices are three times less as associated to our air dispatch facility, and we deliver products in the most efficient manner, a way in which no other shipping service does. The sea mail facility we provide has the most efficient distribution in the entire Pakistan. You can send as many items as you want using our ocean freight facility.

Products that can be sent

Cargo to Pakistan is the finest consignment amenity which gives the option to send many kinds of items from the UK to Pakistan. We assure you that your products will remain safe as houses when they are being transported from somewhere in the UK to a city or village in Pakistan.

You have the choice to transport all varieties of things from Smart Televisions and Ovens to Kitchen hoods. You are also permitted to transport all electronic equipment, as long as their batteries are guaranteed to not become flammable. You have the choice of sending anything you want to Pakistan. One is also permitted to transport all kinds of clothing and laundry machines, and kitchen household utensils. Cargo to Pakistan supports various kinds of products that can be sent.

Banned items for Sea Cargo

Cargo to Pakistan does support a proportion of things that are permissible to be transported; however, there are some items which are strictly forbidden for distribution everywhere on earth. Animals, firearms and all kinds of explosive materials are banned from being sent.

Engines, alcohol drinks, cigarettes, money and antiques are not banned from being sent via cargo. Cargo to Pakistan provides the facility to transport a variety of products but to make things easier for us and for yourself, refrain from sending prohibited items from the UK to Pakistan.

Time to deliver via Sea Cargo

Surprisingly, the facility of Cargo to Pakistan via ocean route doesn’t take much time. It’s no way as fast as air cargo, but we assure you that your items will be successfully transported to Pakistan in 40 to 50 days. Other cargo companies take 60 to 70 days for cargo shipping, and a further two weeks for customs clearance, so 40 to 50 days is a very good deal.

Distinctive Features of Cargo to Pakistan

When you choose Cargo to Pakistan’s ocean transport facility, you are virtually certain to receive a lot of things. Your luggage will remain safe and secure during this whole process. The price to services offered ratio is the best you will find anywhere. We have very good relations with our overseas partner companies. Our services are extremely reliable, and we always deliver on time. We ensure that no damage will be done to your goods, and also offer tracking facility to our dear customers.

Shipping to all parts of Azad Kashmir

Cargo to Pakistan’s shipments are not restrained to Pakistan alone. You can ship any product to all parts of Azad Kashmir from Pakistan. If you intend to use our service, give us a call. Our representative will contact you himself and guide you in a way which you find very easy to understand. Cargo to Pakistan always sets the benchmark for its services as well as prices, and we are proud to serve our customers.

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