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Avoid paying high charges for excess baggage

The ideal solution for choosing what to do with excess baggage is using a cargo service which transports your goods in a short time period. If you are sending a lot of items, then airlines will charge you so much more, and in that case, you can hire a cargo service for you which will be both cost-effective and reliable.

A good Cargo To Pakistan company will always deliver your stuff in an optimal time, a time which it has mentioned on its portal. A good cargo service always keeps its clients updated about everything during the journey of the parcel, and lets them know if there are any issues during the delivery. Good parcel companies always have a great customer support to ensure that its customers have a great experience when they use the services of the company.

Best Cargo Service for Excess Baggage to Pakistan

We have previously mentioned about using a good cargo service. Cargo To Pakistan is the best service which will take your goods to your desired destination from the UK to Pakistan. If you are moving from the UK to somewhere in Pakistan, then Cargo To Pakistan will be the best option for you in that specific case.

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If you are travelling to Pakistan for a considerable amount of time, then in that case, it would be optimal for you to send your goods before you depart to Pakistan. In that way, the whole procedure using Cargo To Pakistan will be smooth as silk and you won’t face any hiccups during the journey.

How to ship Excess Baggage from the UK to Pakistan?

There are a lot of moments when we are leaving to visit some place locally or in another country, we pack our bags and leave for the airport. But wait! The airport team stops you because you are carrying more weight than allowed.

Normal airlines allow 30kg weight per person, and you can also carry some in your handbag as well. But, what if the weight exceeds their limits? Maybe the item is something which you can’t afford to leave behind with you. What is the viable solution in that case? Well, that is where excess baggage cargo companies originate on the map. But, before focusing on them, we first need to know why people encounter the problem of having excess baggage.

Reasons for Having Excess Baggage

There are many reasons as to why people encounter the excess baggage issue. Normally, people just pack their stuff and head to the airport. From there on, their weight is measured and if it is overweight, then you will not be allowed to take that weight with you unless you pay the airline more for extra luggage. That is the prime reason for sending excess luggage.

The second reason is when people want to spend an extended time period somewhere or intend to move to a specific place on permanent basis, In that case,  they have to pay more for household stuff as well as it will definitely go above the 30kg specified deadline.

How to save Money on Excess Baggage?

There are variety of ways you can save money on excess baggage which we will discuss below.

Plan Early About What You Want to Take

One of the most important things about going to some other place is choosing what exactly to take for your journey. You should plan early what you want to carry with you as you know the max weight you can carry in advance. So, have your weight measured early and only take the most important things with you during your journey.

Remove Unnecessary Stuff

When you are traveling to some other place, make sure to remove all the unnecessary stuff from your packaging before you depart. Unnecessary things will most likely result in increasing the weight of your baggage, and you might have to unload some stuff at the airport to go through or end up paying a lot of money to the airline for excess baggage. So, prepare at home and leave the unwanted things at your home rather than facing problems at the airport.

Why do you need an Excess Baggage Cargo Service?

The sole reason of you ever using a cargo service for excess baggage is that normal airlines charge too much for carrying extra baggage. Suppose you are shifting from one place to another for a few months or even permanently, and you want to take your bike with you at that place, the airline wouldn’t allow that.

Maybe they will but they will charge you an astronomical price for any extra item anyway. So, if you want to send goods which will be either too expensive or not allowed by the airline, you’ll need a cargo service which will ensure to deliver your goods at the place where you’ll be living. So, a private cargo service does wonders for you, and is very inexpensive as compared to what the airline charges.

There are a variety of points where you might feel the need to have a cargo service.

Carrying Luggage on Arms

After your 30kg weight limit has been reached, you are allowed to carry some more weight via hand carry. But that too will be uncomfortable for you. So, instead of carrying that luggage on your arms, you can easily hire a courier service which will instead deliver that stuff in a short time period.

Saves more Money than Flights

When you are at the airport ready to take your flight and are suddenly stopped by the airline staff that the amount of baggage you are taking with you is more than our limit, then you won’t have much time to ponder. If you go by airline, you’ll end up paying way more money than you normally would by transporting your stuff using a cargo service. So, if you intend to take more weight with you, always do so via a courier service.

Order Tracking Facility

Professional cargo services offer you an order tracking facility as well, so that you can easily keep track of the location of your valuables, and how much more time would it take for them to reach you in your new home away from home. This is a big advantage of cargo services about knowing the exact location of the parcel by using just your smartphone or laptop.

Door to Door Excess Baggage Service

Door to Door service means delivering an item to the doorstep of the place you want the cargo company to deliver. If you send your items via an airline, it will only deliver the item to the respective airport and you’ll have to pick the items up yourself from the airport.

So, in that case, using Door to Door service of Cargo To Pakistan comes in handy. We provide Door to Door shipping to our customers, so that the whole process remains easy for them, and that they don’t get to face any problems during this whole delivery process.

Excess Baggage by Air

Excess baggage can be sent via air. If you want your items to be delivered within a week, then choose our excess baggage air service. Cargo To Pakistan’s experienced team will make sure that your items are delivered to your desired destination within a week. We have the best excess baggage air service available from the United Kingdom to Pakistan.

Excess Baggage to Azad Kashmir

With Cargo To Pakistan, you can send all kinds of excess baggage to Azad Kashmir. Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan are home to some of the more scenic mountains in the world. So, if you are traveling to Kashmir directly, then you can easily send your stuff from the United Kingdom to any place in Azad Kashmir with extreme easiness.

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