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Door to door air and sea shipping from UK to Pakistan

About Cargo To Pakistan Freight Services

If you’re seeking a reliable door to door service which will ensure to carry your goods to your destination, then Cargo To Pakistan is the only option for you. We have the ability to send your items anywhere you want in Pakistan. From the deserts of Bahawalpur to the mountainous hills of Gilgit, we’ll send them anywhere you want us to.

We pledge to safeguard your items during their excursion from some part of the United Kingdom to Pakistan. The team we have is extremely qualified and experienced, and will make sure that everything goes like smooth and silk. We always make sure to make the whole door to door shipping process hassle-free to our dear clients.

All you need to do is provide us your details online. You’ll have to enter your details, the size of the product and its weight, and we’ll give you a price for your respective items. We promise you that our prices will be the most reasonably priced you’ll ever find. That is why we have thousands of satisfied customers who want to use our services again and again.

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Ways of doing Door-to-Door Delivery

There are two common ways of doing door to door delivery. One way is doing the delivery via airmail. Air cargo services are very fast, and they make sure to deliver the goods in the fastest possible time. That is why most cargo done currently in the world has air cargo as the biggest shareholder as far as revenue is concerned.

Cargo To Pakistan offers a unique door to door delivery facility by air. We are connected to several international companies which own freighters, and those freighters ensure to deliver the goods in a very quick time. Our customers want the items to be delivered quickly in a small price, and we give them exactly that.

The other way of sending cargo is via ocean freight shipping. Ocean shipping is slowly becoming the go-to way of transporting goods, especially heavy stuff in the world. Cargo To Pakistan supports shipping via the ocean routes, and enables you to send as many goods as you want from England, Ireland, Wales or Scotland to Pakistan.

Cargo To Pakistan is the go to for doing door-to-door delivery via both the sea and air routes. We allow shipping via both these paths, and ensure to make the whole door-to-door process very easy and calming for our dear clients.

How to Ship Cargo via Door to Door service from the UK to Pakistan?

In a day and age where cargo shipping is booming, door to door shipping has not blossomed as expected. So, companies are contemplating on improving these services. But, what if someone wants their items to be delivered via door to door service now?

With the improvements made in the courier business due to the strides of progress made in the tech world, there are still some companies which have moved on with time and are focusing on providing door to door services to its customers. But, the question here arises that why on earth do all courier companies not provide good door to door services?

What is Door to Door Service?

A door to door service is a delivery service which transports the goods to the doorstep of someone to whom the products are being sent. In a world where e-commerce is booming, door to door services have picked up, and more cargo services have started to provide it, which is always good as it gives customers a variety of options to choose from before sending their goods anywhere.

There’s a reason why even some established companies fancy offering door to door services. It is due to the reason that door to door service is quite difficult to understand, and goes through a lot of stages. The first step is your product getting picked up from your house and carried to the local office where shipments are being readied.

Then, the item is sent for delivery to the dock if it’s a sea cargo or an airport if it’s an airmail cargo. After that, the item is taken to the country of the destination, and is further carried to the doorstep of the place where you initially intended to send your goods to.

But, having said that, there is no specifically dedicated cargo service from the UK to Pakistan. That’s where CTP comes into play. Cargo To Pakistan is a courier service which will efficiently take your belongings safely from UK to Pakistan in the most convenient way possible.

Pros of Door to Door Cargo

Door to Door shipping has several advantages which customers can enjoy. The biggest one of them is easiness of delivery. The sender sends the item from his home, and the product reaches the doorstep of the destination home in a short period of time. This is as easy and convenient as it can get.

The steps through which all cargo companies offering door to door services go are very simple. First, the customer books his order online after getting a quote for his custom order. After that, one of our representatives will pick the item up from the home of the customer.

Then, that shipment will be carried to the company’s office where it will be packaged and sealed. After that, the order will be carried to your destination via plane or sea route depending on the kind of order you made at first. After that, the cargo will be unloaded and goods will be delivered to your destination.

Price of Our Door to Door Service

Cargo To Pakistan prides itself in providing extremely cost-effective services to its customers. Our ocean freight and airmail charges are the best in the whole of the United Kingdom. We charge £5/kg for our airmail service, which is unmatched and the cheapest air cargo service currently available in the market.

Our sea cargo services are £1/kg. These rates have a weight limit of 50kg. These rates are sure to surprise some as other companies charge so much more than these prices. We assure you that our rates added with our extremely comfortable and reliable services will make sure of a great and memorable experience for you.

Time taken for Delivery

We have both sea and air routes available to transport your belongings to all places in Pakistan. We offer both quick and a little time-taking service. Our ocean freight service takes between 5 to 6 weeks for delivery. However, if you want your items to be dispatched and delivered to your place quickly, then choose our air freight service, which uses freighters to transport your valuables in 6 to 9 days to Pakistan.

Shipping from the UK Directly to Azad Kashmir

Cargo To Pakistan proudly calls itself the best freight service to Pakistan from all areas of the United Kingdom. Our facilities and services are not restricted to Pakistan alone. We ship to all areas of Azad Kashmir as well. From a small village to a big city in either Pakistan or Azad Kashmir, we guarantee to carry your valuables in a safe and secure manner, and deliver them successfully to its desired destination.

H6: Trusted by Thousands

Cargo To Pakistan is the MVP of cargo shipping to Pakistan from the UK. Our customers are always content and satisfied with our services, and the number of our satisfied customers is increasing with each passing day. Those who use our services once always come back to use them again. So what are you waiting for? Hit us right away and ask your query. Our extremely experienced team of professionals will make sure to guide you about everything you want to know.

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