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Clothes shipping to Pakistan from UK at cheapest online rates

There are a plethora of pros for transporting clothing items for shipping anywhere in the world. But, having a dedicated service which offers services directly to your preferred destination is something that is rare. Cargo To Pakistan is such a service which deals only with freight between the United Kingdom and Pakistan only, and we have worked for years for perfecting this art.

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals continuously working 24/7 to supply you the best services. The team is extremely hard working and makes sure to satisfy its customers. Following are some of the benefits you get by using Cargo To Pakistan:

  1. Security of Clothes

When you send your clothing via Cargo To Pakistan, we take care of the security of your belongings. We guarantee the safety of your valuables during their delivery process. Our fool-proof packaging and delivery rules ensure that no intruder gets his hands on your stuff.

  1. Cheap Transportation

Cargo To Pakistan provides very cheap transportation combined with a timely delivery. Our cargo rates are the finest there are anywhere in the market. Our cheap prices alongside very quick delivery makes it a great combination of affordability and convenience for our customers.

  1. Order Tracking Facility

Those who intend to use Cargo To Pakistan should know that we provide order tracking facilities to our customers. We have the best prices, services and customer support. With the help of order tracking facility, the client knows exactly where his item is at a given time and how much more time it needs to be delivered to its desired destination.

Shipments to Azad Kashmir

Cargo To Pakistan not only supports shipments to Pakistan, it also provides the facility of shipping your stuff to all parts of Azad Kashmir. Whether you intend to send your belongings to Muzzafarabad, Dadyal, Mirpur or any other small village in Azad Kashmir, we’ll make sure to transport your valuables to your desired destination in both Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.

How to do Clothes Shipping from the UK to Pakistan?

There are more than a million Pakistanis currently living their lives in many different parts of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and some even in Northern Ireland. Those Pakistanis have plenty of relatives and family friends back home in Pakistan to whom they send many things such as remittances, foods, gifts, electronics, clothing and many other kinds of stuff throughout every year.

Reason for Sending Clothes

Pak-British citizens residing in the UK send clothes primarily for two reasons; the number one reason is as part of gifts for their friends and family, and the other reason being sending items over Europe and Asia to Pakistan as part of their clothing business. These clothes are then supplied to many shops in Pakistan to be sold at a profit as part of their commercial business.

Packaging of Clothes is as important as Delivery

When people intend to send a package abroad or anywhere else, their primary focus is just on the product and not on what stages the item might have to go through during the shipping process. Some people completely negate the packaging and leave everything on the cargo company to do all the work.

It is the responsibility of the client as well to package the item properly to some extent. The cargo service will definitely take measures to properly do this process, but the customer should do it as well. The items should be placed in a cardboard box with a tight fitting, and proper sealing and taping of the box should be done alongside a layer of bubble wrap to further protect the box from irregular falls and damages.

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